• Next Phase Pizza Delivery System
    Next Phase Pizza Delivery System

    No need for complex and costly electric heating systems with our Next phase delivery bag, it absorbs the escaping energy radiated from the pizza and uses it to keep the pizza hot!

  • Next Phase Delivery System
    Next Phase Delivery System

    Our non-electric Next Phase delivery bags performed 39.2% better when compared to non-heated delivery bags used by many companies.

  • Next Phase Bag Construction
    Next Phase Bag Construction

    Using Advanced insulation, phase change materials, radiation barrier, energy absorbing foam and and moisture ventilation makes Next Phase the most advanced food delivery technology on the market.

  • Next Phase Chicken
    Next Phase Chicken

    Along with our pizza delivery we also offer Next Phase chicken delivery bags, specifically designed to keep chicken hot without the use of costly electronics. 

  • Next Phase Pizza Bag
    Next Phase Pizza Bag

    Our next phase Pizza delivery system provides 17.1% better thermal retention over traditional heated bags and 39.2% over insulated bags.

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Serving the quick service restaurant and health services industries with quality, innovative, thermal products. 

For the past quarter of a century, we have served our customers with quality thermal products designed to meet their specific needs.  We focus on the thermally controlled delivery of products for the quick service restaurant and health service industries.  You have probably gone to an event recently that was catered using our products or had a pizza delivered to your door in one of our new premium delivery bags.  These will have been customized to advertise and promote the restaurant and its various products which is consistent with our goal of making our customers look good and ensuring that the food that leaves their place of business arrives at its destination with the same high quality.  

Vesture® entered business with its patented technology known as Microcore , which empowered a widespread array of products that stored thermal energy much like a battery and released it when needed most.  Vesture went on to invent and/or co-develop items for Corning’s Pyrex Portables®, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Donato’s Pizza, just to name a few.   In 2010, Vesture introduced a new heated commercial delivery system which is currently being used by one of the largest players in the quick service restaurant catering business. These high quality products are designed to enable a vendor to deliver hot foods at a safe temperature and hold them at that temperature for more than two hours. 

The Vesture brand is now a part of Phase Change Energy Solutions a major manufacturer of phase change materials for the building industry.  The company has now combined its years of food delivery experience with the power of phase change materials to create a revolutionary, new family of food delivery bags.   In 2013, Vesture is introducing its new, Next Phase Delivery bags.  It is no longer necessary to plug in and pre-heat a pizza bag to ensure that the product is delivered piping hot.  Our new product eliminates the wires, the heater, the maintenance, and the hassle and delivers food at the same or even higher temperature than our former heated systems at a substantially lower cost.  It can be used for chicken, pizza and many other foods where expected delivery times are in the range of thirty minutes. We continue to design and innovate to ensure that we offer superior, cost effective products to our customers.


  • Next Phase Delivery Systems
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  • MicroCore™


Next Phase Delivery- The Next Phase Delivery Bag is the latest innovation in our ever-evolving line of thermal products.

Utilizing bioPCM® Phase Change materials, the Next Phase Delivery Bags are currently designed for delivery of chicken and pizza products.

These non-electric, self-charging bags utilize our patented energy absorbing nano-tech foam, energy conserving insulation and reflective foil barriers. Our Phase Change elements, which serve as thermal batteries, easily give us the performance edge necessary to maintain temps over the average 30 minute timeline needed to deliver food to an end consumer.

This is possible without electrically charging the bags, without unsightly cords and requiring virtually zero maintenance. Next Phase Delivery Bags offer a safe, economical food delivery option with equal or better results to traditional delivery systems.

We are also developing this same technology to be used in conjunction with the medical industry to transport cold products for long periods of time as well.


For years, Vesture® had been manufacturing catering systems that allow generous quantities of food to be safely transported to meetings and special events.

When used according to instructions, our catering systems offer the ability to transport and store both hot and cold food safety for several hours at a time.

When catering to large corporate outings, golf tournaments, sporting events, weddings or any other high attendance event, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

We provide solutions for every application from single location restaurants all the way up to national chain restaurants with thousands of locations.

Our catering bags are available in numerous sizes and shapes giving us the ability to supply you with the perfect thermal solution to meet your particular catering niche.  

Sporting events, medical applications, family picnics, etc. are all areas of interest that utilize our patented MicroCore elements.  Vesture® has sold millions of MicroCore packs which are used in a wide range of applications to heat and cool various products.

Our LavaBuns® are the perfect solution to cold bleachers during those fall/winter sporting events. Just popping the MicroCore element in your microwave for a few minutes before you head out to the game ensures that you will enjoy a warm comfortable seat throughout the event.

If it's a nagging backache that is the problem, our MicroCore packs work to ease the pain by providing soothing, mobile hot or cold relief on the spot. On family outings, you will find comfort in the performance of our MicroCore packs as a means keeping food safely stored for a fun-filled picnic. Simply place the packs in your freezer the night before your outing to make sure that they are fully frozen before use. Then, after packing your meal in your cooler, place a pack or two inside to keep everything nice and cold. If it's warm food that you desire, our heated packs offer the perfect solution to delivering that delicious casserole piping hot to the family get-together.

Whatever your specific use, MicroCore Elements from Vesture are the answer to your hot and/or cold thermal needs. 

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